The purpose of this unit is to introduce learners to the Christian and Scientific Association of Kenya (CSAK). 

This course aims to introduce the readers to the topic of diseases, the Christian view on the evolving health matters such as euthanasia, surrogacy among others and ways on how to cope with grief and loss

This course introduces the readers to understand the biblical position for Christians participation in governance and politics. 

This course on "Poverty alleviation and Economics" seeks to introduce the readers to the concept of the poverty as it has been clearly presented in the Bible. The readers are also introduced to awareness of the fundamental rule of the contemporary society in alleviation of poverty.

Christian Perspectives on Advances in Science, Technology and Innovation, introduces the readers to Christian perspectives and views on the various technological and scientific advances n the 21st century that we live in today. 

This unit introduces Christian hermeneutics  with a specific focus on correct principles of Bible interpretation  and expected outcomes of correct interpretation of the Bible. 

The unit introduces readers interested in Christianity and Science to the creation and evolution stories on the origin of the universe and life

The purpose of this unit is to introduce learners to the basic understanding of the concepts of miracles, faith and science. Learners’ interest in understanding occurrences that transcend human understanding or powers will be aroused and a relationship to faith and science explored.